Sunday, May 5, 2013

Istanbul - The Basilica Cistern

There were 7,000 slaves that were used to construct the cictern. The cistern was used in the 14th century.

 This columns is engraved with raised pictures of a Hen's Eye, slanted braches, and tears it represent the hundreds of slaves that died while constructing the cistern. 
Tradition has it that Medusa's head was oriented sideways and inverted in order to negate the power of the Gorgons' gaze, 

Yes, there are carp in Istanbul

The ceiling is supported by a forest of 336 marble columns,

Before being converted to a cistern, a great Basilica stood in its place, built between the 3rd and 4th centuries during the Early Roman Age as a commercial, legal and artistic centre.

It is spring in Istanbul!!! Turkey is famous for tulips. And I always thought that was Holland?
Who stands in the middle of the freeway selling water? REALLY!!!!! At least he has a helmet on.

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