Monday, January 28, 2013

Tarsus, Turkey

 Our visit to Adana, Turkey was wonderful. The branch members were so kind and gracious, we gained weight unfortunately, (our meals were delicious) but we were able to go to Tarsus with the Bowen's and the Ewings.
The "folkore of the gate is this, Cleopatra met Alexander the Great under the gate. Also, Paul passed through the gate, that is probable true due to the fact that he was from the city of Tarsus. The wall to the ancient city is broken down, but can be seen in varies locations.

 Yes, it is true we drank water from St. Paul's Well!!!!!  The foundation to an ancient home is under  glass over Michael's shoulder. And for only 3 Turkish Lira you can see it all.  All though there is no evidence that this is the home or Well of Paul, the Well does date back 2000 years.
            A street in old town, not sure how late this dates back, but it was and awesome street.
                                        This is a operating public bath???? I have no idea???

 This is suppose to be the location of Daniel's tomb, the building was under construction so we were unable to go in. Next time.

The river  has healing power. We should have gone down and touch it, but then again Alexander the Great did and he later died. Good thing it was a cold day.