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Tallinn Estonia

Tallinn Estonia

In September we were in Tallinn Estonia for a conference. It is a city with rich history, fascination tales and fantastic medieval architecture.  Old town is one of the most intact medieval cities in Europe.
Although we were only able to get a quick glance at the city, it was wonderful. One day I would love to come go back and be a tourist.
There are a pair of ivy-covered towers at the beginning of Viru Street, on of the main pedestrian arteries into Old Town. It was the first glimpse we saw of historic Tallinn.                              

The Hellemann Tower dates back to the 14th century and at different times was used as a prison and a weapons store    


Old Town is one of the few cities that was not  destroyed in world war ll.A view of Town Hall from a side street angle, to the right.

St. Catherine's passage below, connects Vene and Muuurivahe street

Some random people in a cool arch way.

This is the historic home of the Brotherhood of Black Heads, a Medieval guild made up of young and single merchants and foreigners. The first Christmas tree ever put on display in Europe was by the Brotherhood of Black Heads Guild in 1441

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral 19th century Russian Orthodox church. It was almost demolished in 1924 by some who reguarded it as a symbol of oppression
Another view of Town Hall, the centre of civic rule for the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. Old Thomas, the weather vane who symbolises Tallinn, has been keeping watch since 1530.  There really is a weather vane on top of the steeple.                              

The Helsinki Finland Temple is built on a beautiful rocky hill side. What a great blessing to attend the temple, it is a beautiful temple in a beautiful country.  

Mission Presidents conference

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