Wednesday, November 7, 2012

риле манастири

 The square brick building on the left in the background stands the oldest building of the complex 1334-1335. A small church, which is just a few years younger 1343 stands next to the tower. The church in the fore ground is the church of "the Nativity of the Virgin" built in 1844.  The monastery was founded by a hermit, John of Rila in the 10th century, he lived in a cave about half and hour walk from the present day monastery.

The residential buildings, which form a closed irregular quadrangle were started in the 1816.  There are 300 rooms for monks and donors.
Pictures were not allowed inside the church, but thanks to the internet here is a glance at the altar.   Although it is not that bright inside the church.  The churches and monasteries are dark inside. 
The wall paintings, finished in 1846, were made by many artists, but it was only the famous Zahari Zograf  who signed his name below his work.

It would take you days to really look at all the art work in and outside with church, WOW!

 The walls both inside the church and on the outside of the church are painted, every wall and ceiling space is occupied with a painting. This is suppose to be the nicest monastery in Bulgaria.

 I love being a tourist and Michael is always looking for the nearest restaurant. Of course he found one behind the monastery.

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