Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Plovdiv, old town

пловдив, (Plovdiv) is the second-largest city in Bulgaria after the capital of Sofia.  Being older than most of the oldest towns like Rome, Athens, Carthage or Constantinople, an almost contemporary of Troy, Plovdiv is a town built upon layers of towns and cultures developed upon layers of cultures.

Liusi, my Bulgarian fiend and I had a couple of hours to tour while our husbands were in meeting. It was wonderful to see the past.


 Old town Plovdiv, largely restored to it's mid-19th century appearance with it's winding cobblestone streets and arched  gateways is tranquil.



The most impressive being the Roman amphitheaters- the best preserved in the Balkan and still in use today.

Entrance to theater.                        

According to a builders inscription, the construction of the theatre dates back to he time of Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD)

The theater was damaged in the 5th century by Attila the Hun.

Due to a landslide the theater was found in the early 1970's

The theater was built with about 7,000 seats, each section of seating had the names of the city quarters engraved on the benches so the citizens at the time know where they were to sit.

The theater is still in use today,  there are plays and dance festivals during the summer months

Night views of the theater entrance  and amphitheater.

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