Sunday, October 28, 2012


България, is located in Southeastern Europe.  It is bordered by Romania to the North, Sebia and Macedonia to the West, Greece and Turkey to the South and the Black Sea to the East.

I think Bulgaria must be the safest place in the World. Since I can't read the newspaper, or understand the news, it surely means there is no crime right?

We love Bulgaria, the Culture and History are fascinating. The people are friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is nice and peaceful.

I love the баба, with their goats, they often sell flowers and vegetables on the sidewalks. It is hard to pass them by without buying something from them. I stop, they say something, I smile, put out my hand with change in it and they take what they need and we smile at each other. It is


My dad would have loved this store. It is our local bread store. Homemade fresh warm bread everyday.  A loaf of homemade bread is one leva, which is about .60 cents.  They also sell banitsa, which is a feta cheese pastry that is very filling for a leva. The missionaries love this store.

The Russian egg.   It is a magic egg and if you touch it, it will bring you luck.
We feel so lucky!!!

There are flower shops everywhere you look. They love flowers.  If you are invited to someone's home you should never go empty handed. If you take flowers they should be an odd number of stems (even numbers are only for funnerals).

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