Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aladja Rock Monastery (Aladzha)

Aladja is the best known medieval rock monastery on the Bulgarian Black sea coast, dating from the time of the Second Bulgarian kingdom, it was founded in the 13th century in rock caves, which had been used before - as early as the 4th - 6th centuries by hermits and brotherhoods of monks.  It was inhabited until the 18th century.

The funeral chapel, not many details, but from the pictures it was used for funerals and burials.  I don't know who was bury here or who was buried in the catacombs.

Differently colored 13th and 14th century frescoes are still discernible on its walls, but only few of them are preserved.
The chapel is behind a locked wooden door that had a window.  People come to worship here today. They leave there prayer slips and money.

The catacombs seemed to be a amaze of many tombs or burial sights. There was n clear information on who stayed in the burial chapel and who was laid to rest in the catacombs.

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