Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Setting Apart

Church Office Building Salt Lake City, Utah

Tylee and Rilee were a little shy when Elder L. Tom Perry came to say "hello" as were waiting to be set apart.  All Grandpa's love little children!

Steph, Viv, Sean, Elder Piper, Judd, Tab, Elder Andersen, Bob, Janessa, Shirlee, Darren, Jared, Tylee, Me, Rilee, Mike, Kyson

We were set apart June 22, 2012.  Elder Neil L. Andersen set Michael apart and Elder Paul B. Piper set me apart. We were fortunate to have family with us, all of our lives were touch by the experience.
It was a long day for Kyson, Rilee, and Tylee, they were all so good and I am so grateful they were with us.

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